Dermarollers are micro-needle rollers designed to increase collagen induction in the skin and increase the absorption of products through the skin. Micro-needling is the technology that makes the dermaroller possible. The dermarollers create micro trauma in the skin encouraging the body to induct more of its own natural collagen creating natural younger looking skin.

Lotus Roller™

Unlike many other companies the Lotus roller is actually designed by the dermaroller experts who use the products. This ensures the design is easy to use and the instructions for use are practical and easy to follow. Dermaroller reviews rate the Lotus Roller very highly and it is recommended to all those who want a high quality dermaroller with guaranteed sterility and safety.

Do Derma Rollers Work?
Derma rolling or skin needling has been shown to
• Increase the production of collagen by up to 1,000% in a single treatment.
• Increase transdermal absorption of products by up to 10,000 times in a single treatment.

What can the dermaroller be used for?

The Lotus Roller can be used to assist anti-aging, beauty treatments, scar reduction, stretch mark and cellulite reduction, hair loss and can be used to assist the absorption of a variety of creams and serums through the skin.

How does the dermaroller work?

The dermaroller works in two ways. It increases the absorption of products through the skin by creating micro channels. It also inducts collagen by causing micro trauma at the level of the dermis that then stimulates a group of cells called fibroblasts to create the body’s own natural collagen.

Are dermarollers painful to use?

This depends on the needle size, quality of the needles and the technique used. 0.5mm and even 0.75mm needles can be used on the face quite painlessly when using the correct techniques and high quality needles. The needles have to be well produced and extremely sharp as blunt needles can tear the skin. In a recent survey conducted by White Lotus 93% of students agreed that the dermaroller used on the face was not painful after learning the White Lotus techniques.

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